Nohemm head wraps and turbans are designed to make any woman look chic and fashionable in 30 seconds or less without drama or fuss. Our goal is making women’s lives easier by removing a major obstacle…”the bad hair day.”

Many fashionistas love the look of a turban but become frustrated at the tedious process to struggle and fold it in place when they use a plain swath of fabric most other companies offer. Our “wrap, snap and style” design is simple and stylish…all that a turbanista could ask for!

Based out of New York City, we use premium fabrics and design to illustrate current trends and to celebrate our global culture. Whether to work or play, our head wraps can be used to pull a look together and to provide confidence and grace to any woman’s wardrobe.

Nohemm pays special attention to those who seek out our head wraps for wellness solutions, such as hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy. We pair with organizations who help women manage through these conditions by donating products and a percentage of profits to aid in helping women not only look their best, but feel it too.